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Raja Ampat: A Fantastic Journey (Wildiaries) – 11 Nächte

5890 US$
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Abfahrt: SOQ

  • 27. Feb 2023
  • 00:00

Ankunft: SOQ

  • 10. Mrz 2023
  • 00:00

Ten full days in the company of whale and dolphin-watching experts. We do snorkelling and photography in placid blue-water mangroves and coral reef. The crew will arrange village visits for you to meet their friends on remote islands. This trip is very much catered for a mixture of activities, as we have plenty of guides and tenders to arrange whatever you want to do. If you're a diver, we can dive up to three times a day. Non-diving partners enjoy this trip just as much and often see much of the same wildlife.

What you will see is rarely encountered whales and dolphins of species you may never have heard of (and some you have). You'll snorkel on some of the most precious and beautiful coral reef in the world, while cruising in luxury on a converted wooden sailing ship around a World Heritage listed region and one of the world's most extraordinary landscapes.

The presence of naturalists on board with presentations of what we were seeing and thus helping us learn more about the water world we were experiencing made this trip unique. While the kind of wildlife trip is not uncommon for land based learning, the sea based that we had with Wildiaries beats anything else of which I have knowledge. It was truly a unique experience and one worth repeating." -Susan, US

This program is led by Wildiaries’ founder, photography and whale and dolphin expert Simon Mustoe and Sea Turtle Foundation’s Tim Harvey. It offers a rare opportunity to encounter rarely seen whales and dolphins including possibly Orcas, Pilot Whales, Sperm Whales, Bryde's whales, Spinner and Pan-tropical Spotted Dolphins. We also look for Red Birds of Paradise, have the chance to swim with Oceanic Manta Rays and observe a wealth of other ocean wildlife.

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