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Halmahera – Malkusea

Uncover a mysterious world of wonders

An adventure all about new discoveries

This trip takes you from Sorong in Irian Jaya, through the Molucca Sea past Halmahera to Manado in North Sulawesi. The 650 nautical mile journey takes us through a range of different land and seascapes. The trip starts with a taste of the beautiful coral reefs of Raja Ampat. On the south coast of Halmahera we will dive walls and drop-offs with big fish action. The small islands off the west coast of Halmahera are home to great coral reefs. The end of the trip in North Sulawesi offers you pristine coral reefs, great fish life and spectacular critter diving in the famous black sand of the Lembeh Strait. A diverse trip with something for everybody!

Pindito never has a set itinerary. We plan our trips and water activities based on weather, tides and currents. From our expertise and experience, we know the ideal sea conditions for all the best and famous sites and when to dive them. And of course we have the not so famous, and even secret, equally spectacular sites that only a few of us know about.

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  • Kofiau
  • Joronga
  • Maregarano
  • Tifore
  • Bangka
  • Lembeh Straight


Diving on several different dive sites from beautiful slopes overgrown with soft corals and seafans to steep walls with big schools of fish. At one spot we have the chance to dive with grey and whitetip reef sharks. One real highlight of Kofiau is a “critterdive” under a small pier by the village of Deer. Diving at dusk you can see wunderpus, mandarin fish, ghost pipefish and all manner of weird and wonderful creatures.


Joronga is a small group of islands to the south of Halmahera with picture postcard white sand beaches. The reefs in this area boast beautiful hard coral growth from huge, intact table corals to fields of staghorn and other acropora species. Anywhere with such a diversity of coral species will be home to plenty of reef fish, and cuttlefish can be seen camouflaged in the reef. In the afternoon we reach an inlet on the south coast of Halmahera where the pretty reefs offer many fusiliers, nudibranchs and more. There is a small pier for muck diving fans where we can hunt for frogfish and other critters.


In the bay of Maregarano  steep walls with excellent soft coral growth, sponges, sea fans and hard corals are the foreground to schools of barracuda, sharks, eagle rays and jacks. Humphead parrotfish, sweetlips and batfish and many other species can be seen here. Visibility is often 20 metres plus. For the nightdive we move to a protected bay in southern Mandiolis.


The remote island of Tifore which lies in between Halmahera and Sulawesi. We will dive in 3 different spots with big fish action guaranteed. On the submerged reef we have a chance to see a big, big school of barracuda, and with a bit of luck you will watch as they form a barrel above you. Also look out for bigeye trevally, humphead parrotfish, sweetlips and many more. Really a dive not to miss.


Arrival in Bangka / North Sulawesi renowned for its diversity, coral growth and beautiful underwater scenery. Exciting dive sites with huge boulders and rocks overgrown with black coral. Rich coral gardens provide habitat for scores of fish. Pygmy seahorses, leaf scorpionfish, ghost pipefish and frogfish can also be found.

Lembeh Straight

Here our journey will end, but not before we enjoy the special critter dives on offer here. The last 4 dives will be on different dive sites in the Lembeh Strait. On the black sand you can find mimic octopus, hairy frogfish, flying gurnards, Pegasus seamoths and so many kinds of nudibranchs. Muck diving at its best.

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