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A one-of-a-kind adventure

Not your average diving vacation

The search for your one-of-a-kind diving adventure is over. Immerse yourself in the unspoiled waters of Kaimina that is home to mystical species that have yet to be discovered. A slice of coral paradise in the remote and mostly untouched archipelago waits to be claimed. This isn’t your same old, never bold diving vacation. This is a mind busting getaway of a whole new level. Experience one of the best marine wonderlands Indonesia has to offer and add an unforgettable experience to your bucket list of life-changing trips.

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  • Kaimana (Triton Bay)
  • Pulau Pisang
  • Momon
  • Banda Neira

Kaimana (Triton Bay)

For those in the know, Triton Bay is a sought after destination.  With only one resort and only the occasional liveaboard, this area is all that they say it is.  Thriving bold and bright soft corals with tons of fish and a large amount of divesites to chose from, what more could anyone ask for? 

How about Whalesharks?  Here you can also have the chance to swim with these gentle giants.  While we cant guarantee that they show up, we will spend some time at the fishing bagans, where the whalesharks go for feeding.  Sometimes if you are really lucky, dolphins will join the show.

Pulau Pisang

Pisang, in the Indonesian language means banana.  There are a few islands that take this name due to their shape, like a banana.  Below Pisang, we cruise through the channels as we watch the groupers lay in wait, bumpheads passing by and damsel fish fighting for their territory. 


Above water Momon delivers beautiful, powerful waterfalls.  Great for photos and a paddleboard!  And underwater certainly won’t be overshadowed.  A fish party long ridge that if you take it to the end you are greeted by a large school of batfish. Turtles swim by and schools of fish lead the way.  There’s even a good macro site if you want to work your eyes a little harder!

Banda Neira

Banda Neira is the main island of the “Banda Islands”, which are part of the Maluku archipelago. The “Banda Islands” consists of 10 small volcanic islands. Visit the old fortress of the Dutchman on Banda Neira, or climb a volcano can all be part of our program. Over 20 years ago lava flowed into the sea and formed a hard coral garden in this “short time”.

The reefs here excel through their unique underwater fauna in all colors and shapes. Large schools pass by and the macro world is ever present. With a little luck at dusk dives, the mating ritual of the mandarin fish can be observed. The coral gardens in the lava units with their 5-meter-wide plate corals are just a small sample of what you can see here.


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