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Pindito's 30+ Year Voyage
The story behind Indonesia's famous liveaboard

MV Pindito is in a class of its own

When Pindito set sail for the first time almost 30 years ago, it changed liveaboard diving in the region forever. Today, with more experience than any other vessel, Pindito continues to set the standard.

With a history of many thousands of dives and innumerable excursions, Edi and his crew’s experience guarantee a trip that separates Pindito from the rest.

Thoughtfully Designed Cabins

When its time to sleep or you just want to hide away, our cabins have been designed to maximize comfort and storage. All eight cabins were upgraded in 2017 and offer full ensuite bathrooms that include hot and cold water, separate shower, toilet and vanity. Each room also has its own air conditioner unit as well as electric outlets suitable for charging your electronics.

Your rooms will be attended to daily and if you ever need anything else, please just ask!

Pindito offers six double cabins and two twins. Additionally, the double cabins have an upper bunk that the crew can easily set-up at your request

Our Diving Operation

Leave the heavy lifting to us! On the first day of diving you can show us your preferred set-up and then let us take it from there. Once we know how you like it, we will set-up all your equipment for each dive and load everything for you on to the boat. All you have to do is double check everything (especially your air!) and give us the ok and away we go.

Nitrox certified? Excellent! Enjoy free (32%) Nitrox on Pindito. Not certified? We can help with that too. Please enquire before or during the trip!

Mask, Fins, Snorkel package - 30 USD per cruise
BCD - 100 USD per cruise
Regulator set - 100 USD per cruise
Dive computer - 60 USD per cruise
Torch rental - 60 USD per cruise/ 5 USD per dive
15 Litre tank - 50 USD per cruise

Not your average crew

Pindito has a team of over 20 dedicated staff, ready to look after all your needs to assure an unforgettable, comfortable and safe voyage. Our crew originates from regions all over Indonesia and brings expertise in various areas from mechanics and carpentry to naval academies and expert underwater creature seekers.

From our officers and kitchen crew, to the stewards, deckhands, speedboat drivers, engine room staff and divemasters, we all come together in our commitment to making your holiday a trip of a lifetime. And we look forward to introducing you to our Pindito house band for a great evening of song and dance.


On Pindito, we work in 24 hour shifts to ensure the crew is available and on watch at all times.

We always carry a first-aid kit, diver’s oxygen, satellite telephone, VHF Radio, two life rafts (which can accommodate 2x the amount of passengers onboard), state of the art navigation systems and radar, E.P.I.R.B. automatic signaling devices, as well as Nautilus Lifelines, which are available onboard.

We have 3 zodiacs in operation (4th one on standby). This ensures there is always a boat on the water during water activities.

The man behind the vision

Edi Frommenwiler was a mechanic, long-distance lorry driver, then adventure tour guide for 10 years, before embarking on the journey of his life. He built a 38m long sailing ship, to the Indonesian standards BKI: German Lloyds approved regulations, in one of the world’s most remote regions. Before crowd-sourcing became all the rage, Edi garnered support from friends and family, to fund the ship’s construction - Pindito set out for the first time in March 1992. Edi was fascinated by West Papua’s wilderness, and for 10 years, Pindito was the only tour boat in a scarcely populated region that paved the way for the many boats that have now followed.

Edi has been cruising the Indonesian waters for almost 30 years and discovered many of the now famous dive sites in Raja Ampat. Every year he still discovers new sites for customers to explore. Over the years, Edi supported numerous research expeditions and has made a long time commitment to marine conservation throughout Indonesia. Edi speaks English, German, and Bahasa Indonesia.

The MV Pindito from all angles

Immerse yourself in adventure

Explore the Pindito

Upper Deck

Main Deck

Lower Deck



Stairway to cabins

Stairway to upper deck

Dive base

Camera room

Dive crew dive gear




Stairway to sundeck

Owner cabin

Captains Quarters

Dive Crew Quarters





Banda Neira




Technical Details


142 ft
29 ft
Wooden ship with BKI classification, Type Pinisi (Traditional Indonesian Motor Sailer)
Yanmar 6HA2M-WHT, 350 PS
8 - 9 knots
1300 nautical miles
3 x 28 KW
Available Voltage
220v, 50 Hz (110V available in Camera Room)
US and EUR standarts, 2-pole
2x Radar, 2x Ecosounder, 2x GPS, VHF radio, Satellite communication Irridium (Seawave), E-mail access
Fuel Tank
3000 gallons
Water Tank
2000 gallons and Desalinator
Reverse-osmosis Watermaker
4x life rafts, Venol oxygen unit, O2, First-aud kit
3 Zodiacs (60Ps)

Diving Equipment

2 Mariner Bauer, Nitrox membrane compressor (32%) Free for every dive
Scuba Tanks
40 x 80cf DIN tanks with INT adaptors available


TV, DVD/CD player, library, water skis, wake board, paddle boards
For maximum 16 guests
6 cabins with double beds, 2 cabins with twin beds.
Extra bank available upon request for double cabins.
All guest cabins has a shower (cold/hot), washbasin, toilet, individually controlled air conditioning
and electricity 24 hours a day - 220v, 50Hz (110v available in Camera Room)
17 Indonesian crew members and 3 Indonesian Dive Guides (multilingual)

Find out what others have to say about Pindito

Morgan B.

"Forget about the 500 previous dives, the 30 dives I had there were the most fabulous ever."

Anna A.

„It was one of the most memorable and inciting moments in my life as a SCUBA diver! The cruise operator and owner, was so accommodating and hospitable.“

Ray A.

"This is a family holiday we’ll never forget and one that we’ll be recommending to friends and family for years to come!"

Corey M.

"The best 3 things about this live boat are the beauty of the reefs, the remoteness of locations the boat chose, and the crew! The crew was wonderful!"

Anne Quaid

"My husband and I recently returned from another fantastic trip on Pindito. This was our third time on board and we have already booked a fourth trip."

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