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Whale – Macro Cruise

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You’re in for an unforgettable vacation adventure

This special cruise offers guests a glimpse into the world of the largest mammals on earth. Learn incredible details from a qualified expert on whales and dolphins and watch them with your own eyes! The crew is organized into “observation teams” who also keep a sharp eye on the water surface for blows or other signs of whale activity, as some species can’t be located by acoustics alone. The Whale expert and MV Pindito knows the areas that are preferred by these large marine mammals (including sperm, Bryde’s and orcas or killer whales) and both our long experience and trained eyes do the rest.

On this cruise we offer approx. 24 dives. Macro enthusiasts will love it: A whale in the morning, a sea horse at noon. And of course you will be diving Raja Ampat’s famous and beautiful reefs.


Superb Whale Encounters

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  • Raja Ampat
  • Waigeo

Raja Ampat

The tour departs from Sorong and heads towards Waigeo before it leads to Batanta. As dolphins and whales are the focus of this cruise the itinerary is laid out to maximize the encounters. From experience we know that most whales are sighted in the Dampier Straight near Batanta. Because it often has strong currents you cannot only see Cetaceans. Manta rays are also frequent visitors.

At the beginning of the journey our whale expert will present a special briefing to inform the guests about the process. When animals are sighted, Our expert will give us detailed information about the species and the occurrence, its routines and hunting behavior. Morning until noon will be planned for whales and dolphin tracking and monitoring. In the afternoon and evening Pindito offers “normal” dives – if you can call diving here normal. As we deal with nature, this sequence might be reversed, i.e. diving in the morning, whale watching the afternoon.



This area has a fascinating landscape. Many famous Raja Ampat landscape photographs were shot here. On the north, on the island of Wayag, is the famous “Mount Pindito”. From here you get a fantastic view of the many islands. Pindito on anchor in the middle of the Bay, completes the beautiful landscape. “Sele Pele” offers the opportunity to look at a pearl farm up close. Depending on the production stage you will be invited to witness the fertilization or harvest! A unique opportunity you cannot afford to miss. With a little luck you can snorkel with the animals (our whale expert decides if it is suitable). Guests of the first ever tour in March 2011 enjoyed an incredible snorkelling experience with orcas.

A special feature of this tour is the crossing of the equator. This area has a fascinating landscape. Many famous Raja Ampat landscape photographs were shot here.

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