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How it all began
A Legend was born

Year: 1991

How it started

Edi had a simple dream. Visit all the islands of the Indonesian archipelago, discover their hidden treasures above and below the surface and turn this idea into his very own business. After many no’s and a great many obstacles, Edi’s persistence paid off. He finally convinced his investors about his project’s worthiness and thus began the construction of the MV Pindito – the first liveaboard in Indonesia catering to maximum 16 guests.

To this day, Edi and his crew share his fascination and unrivaled knowledge about Indonesia and marine life with others.

Year: 2006

Reconstruction & Renovation

In 2006, it was time to upgrade Pindito. To continue setting standards, an additional deck was built to add a dedicated camera room. We created a spacious room with ample workstations to offer our guests space to assemble, store and adjust their equipment to their hearts’ content.

A newly built sun deck became the perfect spot to watch the islands pass by either by the light of day or the star bright night. All the cabins and the restaurant received a complete refit, as well, to ensure your comfort.

Year: 2017


Keep going, keep growing is our motto. That’s why in summer 2017 all cabins and bathrooms were renovated and updated.  Additionally, the diving deck and the sun deck were extended once again to maximize space for our 16 guests.

Year: 2019

Anchor winch installation

On this dry dock, we installed a brand new stainless steel anchor winch to our ship as the 27 year old original one had earned its rest.

Year: 2020

New hull & dining area

During this difficult year we committed to work on the ship as much as possible as we waited to safely sail again and welcome guests. Pindito is proud that we were able to retain our crew and kept them working during this time. She now has a new fiberglass hull and we expanded our dining room to allow even more room for dining and relaxing.

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